4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe For The Holidays

16 November 2015
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During the holiday season, a lot of changes happen that can make your cat very stressed. For example, the weather changes can make your cat feel much colder than usual and with many guests coming over to celebrate the holidays, it can be overwhelming for your cat who may not be used to so many visitors. Here are four ways to ensure that you keep your cat safe from sickness and stress during this time of year:  

  1. Give Them Their Own Meals: During the holidays, you are likely going to be serving a great deal of food to your guests. In order to deter your cat from becoming interested in stealing food from the table or taking food from the hands of your guests, you will want to serve your cat their own meal before you have dinner yourself. Canned cat food is much better for your cat's health than giving them any turkey, ham, or other foods that can be covered in butter and heavy sauces that are not good for your cat. 
  2. Keep Them Inside: With many people coming and going during this time of year and with the changes in the weather, it's a good idea to keep your cat inside. This can help them to avoid getting hit by a car. On top of this, cats like to hide under cars because the engine keeps them warm. This can be very dangerous since guests tend to come and go and won't think to check for a cat hidden underneath before they take off. 
  3. Keep Them in a Safe Room: There should be at least one room in your home that is blocked off for your cat. Your cat can stay in this room in order for you to keep them indoors and to ensure that they are not stressed about the large amount of people coming in and out of the house. Don't keep them in the garage though since this area of the house can be dangerous. Most likely, you store dangerous chemicals here and if something spills, it can be fatal for your cat. 
  4. Pay Attention to Them: Before guests arrive, it's a good idea to pay attention to your cat and pet them and cuddle them. This will help to lower their stress level and keep them comfortable in the safe room once people do start to arrive. 

By knowing these things about how to keep your cat safe, you can avoid many health problems and ensure that your cat stays happy and unstressed during this time of year. For further assistance, contact a local veterinary clinic.