What To Do When A Hawk Attacks Your Small Dog

27 June 2016
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If a hawk attacks your small dog, it's important that you get your pet to safety and contact a mobile veterinarian for help. Hawks can attack pets weighing as much as 60 pounds. Raptors like hawks can attack their prey from the air or a perch. Because hawks have sharp, powerful talons, they can inflict a lot damage to their prey. Until a vet arrives to care for your dog, you can take steps to keep your pet comfortable. Here's what you do.

Make Your Pet Comfortable

Making sure your pet is comfortable is the first thing you might do until the vet arrives. You can lay your pet on a soft blanket, or if your pet is shaky and fearful, you may want to place familiar toys close to them. The toys may relax or calm your pet.

If your dog has visible wounds on their body, such as talon marks and scratches, do your best to avoid touching them. You don't know how deep the wounds travel into your pet's skin. Hawks can inflict deep wounds when they attempt to grab prey. You may not know if your pet has internal wounds, such as bleeding and lacerations to their organs. Because of these issues, never attempt to clean or dress large wounds on your pet, or you might make them worse.

Also, offer your dog plain water to drink to keep them hydrated. If your pet doesn't want to drink anything, don't force the issue. Your dog will sip on the water when they feel comfortable doing so.

Keep Other Pets Away From Your Dog

You may want to keep other pets and children away from your dog until he receives treatment from a veterinarian. Some dogs can nip or bite if they're in pain, even when they're pets. You want to avoid aggravating the situation any further by placing your pet in a room away from everyone. However, it's a good idea that you stay in the room to let your dog know they're not alone.

Finally, speak quietly to your dog to keep them calm. Instruct other people in the home to avoid playing loud music, slamming doors or making any other noises that may startle them. If necessary, close the door to the room and wait quietly until the vet comes. 

For more information on how to care for your wounded dog after a hawk attack, contact a Mobile Veterinary Hospital Medical Care team.