4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe For The Holidays

16 November 2015
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During the holiday season, a lot of changes happen that can make your cat very stressed. For example, the weather changes can make your cat feel much colder than usual and with many guests coming over to celebrate the holidays, it can be overwhelming for your cat who may not be used to so many visitors. Here are four ways to ensure that you keep your cat safe from sickness and stress during this time of year:   Read More 

Detecting, Preventing, And Treating Tapeworm In Your Cat

7 October 2015
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Tapeworms are long, flat, segmented worms that can take up residence in your cat's intestines. They latch onto the wall of the intestine via their hook-like mouthparts. Many cats have tapeworms, and since the signs are not always very obvious, they go undetected for long periods of time. A tapeworm infection in a cat is not, in and of itself, a life-threatening problem. However, it can weaken your cat and make him more susceptible to other illnesses. Read More 

Dogs Will Eat Anything: 4 Ways To Treat A Bowel Obstruction

5 October 2015
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Dogs love to chew on things, which can lead to them swallowing things that shouldn't be inside them. Things like pieces of ribbon, sponges or even sharp objects can end up in your dog's intestines. When that happens, you dog can develop a bowel obstruction. If your dog loves to eat things that it shouldn't – and you haven't seen it have a bowel movement in a day or so – there may be an obstruction. Read More 

Dog Stung in the Face by a Bee? What You Need to Do

24 September 2015
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Many dogs are fascinated by insects and will try to chase and bite them. If your dog is like this and has been stung on its face by a bee, you need to take action. When stung by a bee, your dog may use its paw to scratch at the area, whimper, or try to rub its face on the carpet. Below is what you can do to help your dog and how you can prevent it from getting stung again. Read More